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Quick update: Commission openings still upcoming; still need to write up a new ToS/usage document and put that on the website, as well as figure out how I'm gonna juggle it against some contract work I'm doing. I know I said I'd probably be opening sometime in February; it should be early this month instead, if all goes as planned.

That aside, I am currently on the lookout for additional research material, and seeing as how I have a pretty good following of people here I figured I'd ask if any of y'all can help out. While Wikipedia is definitely a wealth of information, it can be quite... dry at times, if you know what I mean.

I'm looking for visual reference and literature (illustrated) on the following;

Architecture; styles, history, context, the lot. I'm looking for material focusing on everything from the 1970s to approximately the western Renaissance, with a preference for 20th century in particular. Looking for everything from western to eastern and everything in between.

Domestic living, technology, fashion, et cetera popular stuff (ie what defined the common lifestyle of the era) from the 1970s/1960s in particular, but also from the late 1950s. Again, western, eastern, and everything in between.

Cultures, religions, groups, and movements prevalent in the 1950s-70s; particularly anything less-well-known.

If you have any recommendations for books to look up, galleries to look at, artists, photographers, etc, please let me know below! Thanks!!
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March 1, 2014


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